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Yesterdays Outage & Solar Power News
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Author:  AdamK [ Fri Apr 03, 2015 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  Yesterdays Outage & Solar Power News

Hi all
This was caused by a fault on the host server which assured me that virtual servers were running and in the case of it WAS running but was unresponsive and could not be rebooted.
A reboot of the physical server/host server corrected this.

Now for the solar power. I have just booted the server on the solar array and will keep it running on 100% solar energy for the entire Easter weekend, unless there is insufficient sunlight and the batteries run flat. I've expanded the solar array to a total of 800 watts -- with plans to expand this to at least 1000 watts before the Winter. The batteries store 10kWh (kilowatt hours) of usable power when full. Right now they are at around 70% full but should fill up further today as there is not a cloud in the sky (so far). The server uses an average of around 100 watts, so there is up to 700 watts of solar power that will go into the batteries later on today. The array generates around 3.8kWh on a full sunny day. Generally when I am home, I live off the solar array 100% except for the server, but with recent additions to the array size, I think there will be enough to provide for both myself and the server for the next few days.

So now not only supports the latest IPv6 Internet protocol, it is presently 100% powered by the sun. Lucas would be so proud of these technological achievements!

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