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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:12 pm 
Hi Everyone!

In addition to the rules set forth in the terms of agreement when registering as a member of this forum, we've established a set of guidelines and code of conduct for all users of this forum. These rules are created to help keep the forum clean and friendly. Please read them over and report anyone who abuses them.

General Rules

*Bashing of other members is not allowed in anyway. If we find you excessively post negative harrassing comments towards others, you will be banned. All visitors should feel welcomed here.

*Freedom of speech is another thing posters sometimes bring up. On the Forum you have the right to speak your mind, but remember, this message board isn't America; it is the property of the owners of the site. If they dictate that certains things shouldn't be said, then on this board they shouldn't be said.

*Swearing or the use of banned slang words is strictly prohibited. Sometimes a banned word is part of a bigger word, like "associate", though we've tried to correct most of those problems, so posting associate is fine. But adding this - or this * or anything else to make sure the banned word shows up on it's own is not tolerated. Those words usually do not promote friendliness.

*The Administrator/Moderator decisions are final. Any argument reguarding a decision issued by these 2 groups will not be tolerated.

*For any problem with an admin, a moderator, or a locked/deleted thread, Send a Private Message to one of the Admins/moderators. Do not Start a new thread about it.

Posting Rules

*Please try to stay on topic within the posts. Do not post something totally irrelevant to the current discusion within a post. Your post will most likely get deleted so that the discussion may continue on as before.

*Thread Titles: When you start a new thread, try to pick the most descriptive title for the topic. The consequence for violation this rule, would be getting a warning by one of the mods, and if it happens again, the thread will get locked.

*Double Threads: Before starting a new topic, please try a quick search to see if your question wasn't already asked.
Double Threads would get locked/deleted by an admin/mod.

Spam and Private Message Rules
- PMs are for private communication only. Posting PMs anywhere on the boards is prohibited.

- PMs are not an ad freeway. If you are a visitor from another site, please do not use PMs as a means to tell our users to check out another site.

- Likewise, advertising sales such as on Ebay through PMs is not allowed.

- PMs are private, but that doesn't give you the right to verbally harass another user through PMs. If you were sent a harassing PM or any PM that goes against the rules, PM a mod and they'll take care of it for you.

*SPAM is not allowed in this forum. If you are here to only promote or advertise something, turn around now. Your posts will be deleted. We're talking about blatant SPAM, where you are being paid or stand to benefit from your promotion. If you just tell people about your personal site and you are active in other discussions, you have nothing to worry about. By active we mean you have been a member for a bit and have at least 50 good posts prior to posting a link. And please post the links in the 'Other' discussion and only promote your link once, not in every one of your posts. And pm'ing your link to members who did not ask for it will be considered as SPAM and you will be banned immediately.

The Moderators and Administrators

The moderators (or "mods") and the administrators (or the "admins") are the ones who watch over the site, and run it.

The global-moderators are mods who can moderate the enitre board. They can move or delete posts, ban users, merge threads, and close threads.

The administrators are the ones who run the boards. They can do whatever they want on the boards, including making new forums, banning or unbanning users, make board-wide announcements, and put users on or off probation.


So that's it. A few simple rules, basically don't use vulgar words, don't bash other members, don't SPAM, and be respectful of others.

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