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Videos – Yamb Tutorial (Using software)

Credit: Special thanks to Jonathanfanboy for writing and contributing this tutorial!

Using Yamb

Warning: These instructions are provided to help others to merge mp4 video parts together into a single movie file (mine or videos done by others). Your files will only merge if they have all the extension .MP4   This is a free mp4 creation/splitting/merging/editing tool.  Make sure to use Yamb from the JB website (version as the latest version will not merge files properly.

  • Start up YAMB by going under Start, programs, YAMB, YAMB.

Here’s the main window:

Click on Editing and double-click on Click to join supported files.

Click on add file and browse to the folder where your movie parts are.

  • You’ll notice that each file appears twice (one is the video, one the audio which is perfectly normal)
    Move the files if they are not in order using arrow buttons on the right.
  • Note: if you move files, make sure you move a video and then it’s audio or else your merged video will not have the right sound.
  • Make sure to change the name of the output file at the bottom or it will overwrite your part one. (That way if you mess up, you can start over.)
  • Then click on next and your videos will start to merge.

  • This may take a while depending on the size of your video and your computer’s speed.
  • Once you’re done, click on finish.
  • Watch the new file!
  • Once you make sure your new file is ok, you can delete the parts.
  • Voilà! You’re done!