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Videos – Yamb Tutorial (Installation)

Credit: Special thanks to Jonathanfanboy for writing and contributing this tutorial!

Installing Yamb

Warning:  These instructions are provided to help others to merge mp4 video parts together into a single movie file (mine or videos done by others). I am not responsible if installing/updating/uninstalling this program makes your computer malfunction as I am not the author of the program. You are installing this program at your own risk. The risk is very low but there is always a risk.

  • Download Yamb (click here). This is a free MP4 creation/splitting/merging/editing tool.
  • Make sure to download Yamb from the JB website (version as the latest version will not merge files properly.
  • Run the EXE file.
Click on OK.
Click on next.
Click on I Agree.
Leave everything as is and hit next.
You may choose an installation location or leave the default. Hit next when you are ready.
This is where Yamb will be in your start menu. Again, leave the default or change it as needed and hit Install when you are ready.
Click on finish and you’re done!

Once the install is finished, YAMB will be available under: Start, programs, YAMB, YAMB.