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Bad Girls from Valley High

I added Bad Girls from Valley High in the films section.




Yamb tutorials fixed

I fixed the images in the yamb tutorials. The download link for yamb was also fixed.




The Year That Trembled

I added the Year that Trembled in the films section.





The website will be down Friday July 13th from 5:30am to 9:30am EDT approx. as the server is being moved.


Thanks for your patience!


New Videos

I added the Stepfather 2 along with some bonus material to the films section. I also added the Pacific Bell commercials Jon did.




The Gallery is fully restored

The gallery is now fully operational.


Thanks for your patience!


Move update

The mainpage and forum and back online. The videos are working. The gallery will be back up soon.


Thanks for your patience!


We’re moving!

Adam and I are moving the site to its new home. The website may go offline temporarily. Thanks for your patience.



Auctions for Charity!

Stacy Haiduk (aka Katherine Hitchcock from Seaquest DSV) is selling off memorabilia for charity including SeaQuest items. She even is auctioning off a signed Lucas figure in memory of Jonathan. Auctions start tomorrow.


For more info see her website:


All videos have moved!

All video links are now direct downloads. Make sure to right-click save target as when clicking on a link to a video.